By listening to your desires and with a seamless coordination, I shall make of your wedding an unforgettable day.

This service offers you the luxury of the serenity to prepare this exceptional day level-headed. I will be there each step during organization. I shall put you in connection with high-quality providers whom I trust entirely.

I shall be available to reassure you and bring you answers.

I shall bring an accurate care in the organization of this day, ensuring your happiness and the well-being of your guests. Your story as much as your desires will help me give you a tailored wedding.
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You may now relax and let me take care of the details; your wedding will be perfect.

This service is ideal if you have already started planning your wedding.
A provider is missing (hairdresser, photographer, DJ...) ? I am here to recommend and find you the exact right professional.

You wish for personalized advice and being accompanied?

I will arrange "key" meetings to review the organization of your wedding and direct you. On D-day, I shall be there to coordinate and ensure the smooth progress of your event.
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The unexpected will have no room thanks to my team of experts that can cope with any situation.

You have organized and planned your wedding, and D-day has finally arrived !
I shall ensure the smooth progress of your wedding by coordinating your providers and managing last-minute imperatives.

It is crucial for you to be able to enjoy yourself and fully live this day.

A few months before your wedding, I shall meet you to bring you wise advice.
And we’ll plan together, every moment of this exceptional day.
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I offer coming along and advising you on the choice of your wedding dress and groom suit.

Ladies, your dress will have to sublimate you and reveal your personality. It is crucial to consider your shape and to define the cuts that will emphasize you. A hairdo that fits your personality and style as well as a carefully realized make-up are essential to underline your beauty and make of you a magnificent bride.

As for you Sirs, the color, the cut and the material must be carefully selected to reveal your elegance and your style. Well included accessories will bring originality, modernity and refinement according to your wishes. I shall guide you and shall put you in connection with experimented and talented professionals so that all the looks are on you the day of your wedding.